Party Decorations and Bachelorette Accessories

For the Bride

Bachelorette Shot Glass Sash – On the banner it says, “I’m Hot … and Tying the Knot … So buy me … A SHOT!” Comes with 4 shot glasses where the Bride can share or drink all to herself. Let the celebrations begin! Retail: $19.95

Pecker Crown with a Bridal Veil – On wedding day the bride is not without her head piece. Therefore celebrating a bachelorette party should be no different. However this bridal veil features a crown adorned with pink colored peckers. The bride may think it silly and resist at first, but she will eventually enjoy the attention and laughs the bridal veil will bring. Price $19.95

Bachelorette Pecker VeilBachelorette Veil Clip – this veil is a balanced mix of ‘class’ and silliness. The veil is clipped to the hair, which has a few peckers along the side. The Bride will certainly stand out and hopefully laugh as well as people watch her walk down the bar aisle or celebrating in the street. Retail: $14.95

Fuzzy pecker whistleBachelorette Party Whistle – Get potential party goers to buy you a drink by blowing the ‘cock n’ tell’ whistle. Comes with pink lanyard which keeps the whistle close by. A fun way to hoot and holler. Retail: $4.95

Bachelorette ApronBachelorette Party Pecker Apron – This will certainly make a statement in the kitchen and a hit at the party. This plastic apron is adorned with cute peckers ……. to match her pecker tiara? Retail $7.95

Bachelorette Pecker Lei – Nothing says “Hawaiian” theme quite like a pecker adorned lei. Get it for the bride or even for all the bridesmaids! Retail $12.95

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Party Decorations

Pecker Sippy Straws is a absolute MUST. No cocktail will ever be complete without a pecker straw to sip with. Bring it out to dinner, bar or next house party. They also make great accessories to show off in photos. Cost $6.95 for a pack of 10 straws.

Plastic Pecker Plates (8) – Make potluck and munching on snacks a hilarious event by serving on these pecker plates. Either use as serving trays of for the guests to eat off it. Retail $7.95

Pecker Party Trays (3) – Add some nuts, candies, & chips and you’ve got a party! Not your typical serving trays … and not your boring types either. Dimension : 9″ x 6.5″ x 1.5″ Retail $7.95

Boobie or Penis Ice Tray – Why settle for plain ice cubes when you can add boobie or penis shaped ice to your cocktails. These trays are made of silicone, making then reusable and easy to bend. Use juice or mix in alcohol to make gelatin shooters. Fun! Retail $6.95 each.

Willy’s Wine Decanter 13″ – If you drink wine, you must have this decanter! Be sure to enliven any meal with this more than original masterpiece. It contains exactly 1 liter of wine, it measures 13 inches long (33cm) and is made of thick, solid and durable glass. It comes to you in a beautiful padded gift box, fully protecting your penis shape wine decanter while delivered to you. Retail $79.95

Foil Pecker/Boobie Cupcake Pan – Cupcakes will never be the same after you use these ‘naughty’ cake molds. Makes 6 servings. Use your favorite cake mix or make your own, then decorate with some icing. For pecker cupcakes, add a bit of cream filling. Retail $15.95 each.

Giant 6.5 ft Inflatable Penis – Guys are not the only ones who can have fun with blow-up dolls! For a ridiculously fun time, bring along Dr. Dickson. He is not only great company, but will also make everyone around you including spectators laugh. Retail $29.95.

All of these accessories can be found at Joy Toyz
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