Budgeting Tips – How to Getting Everyone to Pitch In

So you are in charge of planning the bachelorette party, but that does not mean you should be the only one to foot the bill. However asking for everyone to pitch in can be a bit tricky. Unless you want to pay for everything; food, entertainment, gift, etc – then you have to be up front about the costs.

Here are a few suggestions to help you work with a budget everyone can agree on and save some money.

1 – Figure out the budget with everyone
Once you have an idea of what the bride wants for her bachelorette party, share these plans with everyone who is going to the party. Try to get a consensus of what people can afford to contribute and work with that budget.

2 – Who pays for what?
Generally each person is responsible for her own expenses, but is expected to at least pitch in for some portion of the bride’s gift and night out.

3 – Decorations
If there are any decorations and party supplies to be bought, you can always search the web and find items at a cheaper rate, shop at the dollar store or make your own decorations and save some money this way.

4 – Negotiate
Are you going to dine out at a restaurant? If you are a big group of 10 people or more, don’t be afraid to negotiate a fixed price for a full course meal with the restaurant owner. Let the group know ahead of time what the costs are and what type of food. But expect to pay between $15-25 per person.

5 – Potlucks
Another great way to cut costs is to have a pot luck dinner at your place or someone elses. Get everyone to bring in food; chips & dip, mini sandwiches, salads, hors d’oeuves etc. To avoid double or triple of a certain dish, simply let the group know what everyone else is bringing.

6 – The entertainment
When it comes to entertainment it can get a bit tricky because it can get really expensive and out of the budget for some people. But if you absolutely want for an example hire a stripper, rent a limo, host a sex toy party. etc – ask for people to contribute as much as they can, but you may have to foot the rest of the bill plus tip. In the end it’s your call and wallet.

What it boils down to – how do you make the bride happy without breaking the bank?

Well the most important thing to remember is to inform the guests what the expenses are, especially during the early planning stage. You could possibly avoid the frustrations of chasing people over their share of the costs. After all, don’t you have enough things to worry about? Yep I believe you do.

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