Host a sex ed workshop: Female Pleasure

If you really want to surprise the bride with a wild bachelorette party idea – why not host a sex ed workshop? This could possibly be one of her memorable experiences (besides her wedding of course).

The Art of Pleasuring Your Woman – Learn where your g spot is,the art of female ejaculation, best positions, best toys to use. And get all your questions ansered with a anonymus Q and A This workshop is great for women interested in learning more about themselves and their body. With greater knowledge comes the ability to communicate your desires.

This is two hours of fun and learning everything about female pleasure. Afterall knowledge = more orgasms.

Workshop fees are $35/person – minimum 10 people. Groups less than 10 people is a base price of $350, tax included. We also have special rates for groups with 15 or more people.

Guests will receive a $5 gift voucher from Joy Toyz (for online purchases or at the party)

You can host a sex ed workshop in a private home, loft, hotel, etc. We are available to Montreal and surrounding regions.

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