Popular Bachelorette Party Games to Try

In charge of planning a surprise bachelorette party for your best-friend, sister, sister-in-law, mother … whoever.

Are you going to give her the mild party and “pamper the bride” with a visit to the spa and dinner? Or do you want to go all out and make her blush with sex toys, male stripper or even a burlesque and striptease class? Either way, you are going to need games, supplies, and party favors.

Pin the Macho on the Man. This game puts a spin on the orginal pin the tail on the donkey. Except with this version, you get a poster of a hot stud ready and waiting to get his macho pin onto his target spot. Included are 15 cartoon shaped penises and 10 ‘realistic’ ones. Pin the Macho on the Man is our most popular game for bachelorette and birthday parties. Everyone will laugh while trying to pin Macho onto the Man, blindfolded. Price $15 at Joy Toyz. Scarves or blindfold is extra.

Mold the Perfect Penis in 60 seconds. Or to add even more challenge, blindfold the participants and extend the time. All you need are a 3-4 tubs of play-doh, one for each player. Everyone starts with a ball of play-doh, begin the count-down to see who can mold the perfect looking penis with mushroom head and balls, the more details the better. Winner gets a small prize or the title as the Perfect Penis Shaper! Cost : $4 – $5 in play-doh at your local dollar store. Scarves or blindfold is extra.

DIY Erotic Bingo. You can customize your very own Bingo card and print them out for the party guests. Be sure to add in the ‘naughtier’ words for a little more sizzle. The person with a complete row shouts out whatever she says during orgasm. Cost : FREE!

How well do you know the Bride? This is sort of a trivia game of how well the guests know the Bride. Some questions to ask are:

The country I would most like to visit is ____________________.

The location where my fiance proposed to me was ____________________.

The two people I have been friends with the longest are ____________________ and _____________________.

I wear size _____ shoes.

You can find more suggestions here. Or make your own set of questions, the wackier they are the better! Cost: FREE.

Bachelorette I.O.U Dare Game are great for night out of bar hopping and clubbing. Included are 55 different cards ranging from mild to adventurous challenges for the Bride. However she may also assign a dare card to a party member as revenge. Either way, this game will get the party started and have everyone laughing all night long. Price $15, shop online.