Popular Themes & Activities

Planning a Bachelorette party for your best friend or a family member is not a one size fits all. Which is why choosing the activity based on the Bride’s personality and preference is so important. We have compiled a list of bachelorette party ideas, from tame to wild.

Henna Parties – Beautify your body with the help of a professional henna artist. Henna has been used for thousands of years by many cultures as a cosmetic embellishment during auspicious occasions, such as weddings and other celebrations. A natural way of tattooing your body without harsh chemicals and permanent ink.
For the Bride-to-Be who prefers the milder way to celebrate her ‘last day’ of single-dom.

Bridal/Bachelorette Spa Party – Be a Diva for a day and get pampered by getting a relaxing massage, pedicures, manicures, mud facials and more. With all the stress of planning a wedding, doesn’t the Bride-to-Be deserve it? Many locations in Montreal are available – get the guidebook for complete listings.

Enjoy the Festivals and the Outdoors – Montreal is such a multi-culturally diverse city. The right time to visit is during the summer, with its Jazz Festivals, Just For Laughs Fest, Formula One, Beer Fest …. not to mention the annual street sales along St. Laurent blvd and Mont Royal. Something exciting is always happening in Montreal.

If the Bride-to-Be enjoys sightseeing, don’t pass up on visit the Old Port of Montreal, where there are plenty of cafes and quaint restaurants. Experience the European atmosphere without having to leave North America.

Bridal Boudoir Photography – You cannot get anymore Glamorous than getting all dolled up for your very own pin-up style photoshoot. Who wouldn’t want to wear corsets, jewelry, and get her face made up by a professional make-up artist. And best of all? You get the edited prints to show how HOT you look.

Adult Toy Party or Sex Ed Workshop – Now that Charlotte from Sex and the City has popularized the “Rabbit” vibrator – women are much more open to the idea of owning one. A sex toy party is not only going to bring a lot of laughs, but will help educate you about the pleasure zones, how to select a toy, how to use one, and how sex toys can bring more spice to the bedroom. It is indeed the gift that keep on giving.

And if the Bride-to-be want to brush up on her love-making skills, you can even host a “Blowjob, Handjob and Pleasure Zones” workshop.

Striptease & Burlesque Class – This women’s only class, will teach you all the right moves and help you create your own sexy routine to tantalize and titillate your partner. A great way to celebrate the female figure – as all sizes are welcome. Learn how to groove with what you’ve got, and practice the art of stripping. No nudity involved.

Nude Male Drawing – Everyone is capable of being an artist. And even if you can’t draw it doesn’t really matter because you will enjoy the visual a hot male in the buff.
The Bride-to-Be will be most appreciative, considering she won’t see another naked body other than her hubby

Male Stripper Club – Montreal is well-known among bachelors for its top-notch female stripper clubs. For women, we don’t have as many choices but the ones that exist are just as popular. Le Club 281 is the oldest club and probably a house hold name among women celebrating their bachelorette, birthday and .. yes even their divorce. There are no shortage of hot naked men shaking their booty, it’s fair game for those willing to pay for a dance.

But if you do not wish to share the evening with a bunch of crazy screaming women – the option to hire a male stripper to your place if also very possible.
(Considering that I have seen both – my review will be posted very soon)