Striptease and Burlesque Class

There is nothing sexier than a woman being flirty and stripping with confidence. It’s all about the tease, emphasizing those curves, and having fun.

Hosting a striptease & burlesque class perfect for anyone looking to unleash their inner sensual Goddess.

What is Burlesque?
Traditionally, it is a humorous theatrical entertainment involving parody and sometimes grotesque exaggeration. In 20th century America, the form became associated with a variety show in which striptease is the chief attraction.

Think Dita Von Teese, glamor, boas, feathers, gloves, corsets, etc. Burlesque can also be a combination of humor, fun, sensuality & eroticism.

What many women love about burlesque is that it celebrates women of ALL shapes and sizes. Here is little video sample with Amber Ray – a voluptuous, curvy and sexy woman.

Also the Grand Burlesque in Montreal

About Our Striptease & Burlesque Class

Of course striptease will involve stripping – however it does not mean that you strip naked. If you are comfortable with just unbuttoning a shirt or titillate with a pair of pasties, that is okay too!

Our striptease instructor, Velma Candyass, will teach you all the right moves to seduce your partner.

Learn the art of tease, use accessories to accentuate those womanly curves, learn floor techniques and the ever popular ….. lap dancing.

This is two hours of fun and letting go of those inhibitions.

Workshop fee is $35/person – minimum 10 people. Price includes tax and dance studio rental (some places charge extra so be sure to ask).

Guests will receive a $10 gift certificate from Joy Toyz. We also have special price for groups with 15 or more people.

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